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For every Pooja / event we need pooja items. Lots of different things/items are required to perform a pooja or havan in hindu religion. The things which are required to do a puja are known as Puja Samagri. Pooja materials are different for different puja to different god or goddess.

Every pooja has its own importance and requires different puja materials though some pooja items are common in each and every puja. At sacred we provide all the details of Puja materials required for specific Pooja for Specific God or Goddess. You can find List of Pooja Materials here very easily.

We already designed pooja materials list for every pooja / vrat / havan / abhisheka for your convenience. We facilitate to book the priest along with puja materials also. Our priest will come to your place with pooja materials and he will do the pooja with your requirements or else you can simply download our List of Pooja Materials sheets from here and arrange materials on the occasion time. And you can contact us for further details

  • Sri Satyanarayana Swamy vrat Samagri
  • Gruhapravesha pooja Samagri
  • Rudrabhisheka Samagri
  • Namakarana pooja Samagri
  • Annaprasan pooja Samagri
  • Punyahavachan pooja Samagri
  • Saraswati pooja Samagri
  • Kumkum pooja Samagri
  • Aksharabhyas pooja Samagri
  • Baby Cradle Ceremony pooja Samagri
  • New Office opening pooja Samagri
  • Varalakshmi vrat Samagri
  • Upanayan Samagri
  • Bride side Marriage Sanagri
  • Groom side Marriage Sanagri
  • Engagement pooja Samagri
  • Bhoomi pooja Samagri
  • Lakshmi Ganapati havan Samagri
  • Rudra havan Samagri
  • Navagraha havan Samagri
  • Nakshtra havan Samagri
  • Mrutynjaya havan Samagri
  • Sudarshana havan Samagri
  • Saraswati havan Samagri
  • Lakshmi Narasimha havan Samagri
  • Lakshmi Narayana havan Samagri
  • Subrahmanya havan Samagri
  • Chandi havan Samagri
  • Maha Lakshmi havan Samagri
  • Dhanvantari havan Samagri
  • Medha Dakshina Murti havan Samagri
  • Lalita Devi havan Samagri
  • Gayatri mata havan Samagri
  • Santana Gopala havan Samagri

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